Friday, November 21, 2008

Subvert and Profit is yet again expanding!

Well, subvertandprofit turned out to be one of the coolest sites and easiest ways to make money online I've joined so far, which doesn't require any initial investments. You can easily reach the 10$ payout in under a week here. And all you do is vote. That's it. It takes literally seconds to earn .75$.

Here is the list of sites where subvertandprofit pays you to vote for them:


To these were recently added:

Yahoo! Video

I expect tasks to be much more numerous now, because of this recent expansion. Right now I'm reaching my third payout, 3 more tasks to go.

If you haven't allready done so, go ahead and sign up here.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Today I joined a new PTC site, NeoBux. I've been reading good things everywhere about it so I thought I'd add it to "the list". They accept alertpay. Other advantages are instant payouts (you request payout and the next minute you get your money, no waiting time), up to 0.02$ per ad, and at least 4 ads per day. Also, it should be noted that this site has more than half a million members, so it's basically the biggest ptc so far.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Subvert and Profit payout

Hey there, quick update on subvertandprofit .

I requested payment on 2008.10.22 and got paid 5 days later. Man that was fast! Currently waiting for payment from

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vote 4 Cash

Heh, the title topic sounds so cheesy even I can't believe it. :)

But it's true. I didn't pay much attention to this site before, since it sounded kind of hilarious. I mean who would pay to get votes on sites like Digg or Youtube? Since then I swallowed my tounge. Subvert and Profit, as the site's named, has expanded to a total of 5 sites you can vote on. Votes are paid between 0.60 and 0.75 $ (Digg and Stumbleupon). +10% from refferals. Minimum payout is 10 bucks. Payments processed through Alertpay. Before the site expanded I got at least 1 vote per day. Happy voting! ;)

Register here

Saturday, June 21, 2008 stats

Ok it's been a few months since I registered on Bux, and for a long portion of that time I forgot about the site. A week ago or so, I logged in and noticed that the 4 refferals I had made me over 7$, so I started clicking the ads myself and voila! I'm over 10$ in just a few days. I'm not cashing out just yet, waiting to get 17$ to buy 15 refferals... reinvesting in this site seems like the reasonable thing to do... but still, I, and everybody else should click their ads... it's so frustrating to see that you have refferals but they don't do much... from my 4 only one is still active right now. Hope things will improve when I'll be able to buy some more refferals.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Advertise, and earn money while doing so!

I just found out about a new program called ETX ADS through which you get advertising, and a share of the program's revenue! Naturally, this only works up untill people stop investing in the program, but it being new, I thought it could take a while (a few years maybe? :D)  and I could
get something out of it. At least some good exposure for my blogs, etc.:)

Here's how it works:

You first need to buy adpacks, prices ranging from 10$ or more. I personally bought the lowest,
the 10$ pack, to see how things go at first. For this money you get one text ad, one banner and one site ad, which are displayed on the site.

As far as the money issue, you earn money with your ads. This basically means that after you buy the adpack, you are sort of a shareholder, and get a share of the site's revenue. As long as people keep signing up and buying adpacks, and the site does well, you do well.

You can cash out when your adpack reaches maturity, which means when you cumulate 150% of your initial investment. This could take a month or so, but it will happen.

Then you have the option of cashing out, or buying another adpack. Naturally, you could cashout the 5$ and reinvest the other 10, but then you'd have to wait another month or so. Basically, the more adpacks you have, the faster you earn.

You also earn 10 to 20% from refferals, which is pretty good.

Payment/Withdrawal options include:
Egold, Alertpay, Paypal, and SFIPay.

Anyway, Seeing how I had some paypal funds just sitting there I thought I'd give it a try. 150% in a month or so Is more than any bank is willing to offer. :)

Sign up here!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Update April 25 2008

Well after a few weeks of visits to the dentist, during which I barely checked my mylot account, I now noticed I was over 11 bucks, so I qualified for may's payment!  Of course the credits go to my very few ( but active! ) refferals.

On the flip side, my account isn't quite there yet, but I have to admit I've been slacking off, and not clicking my ads. I only have 2 refferals here, of which only one is active, but still, that's like, half my earnings.